Cast-off or treasure?

I love thrifting and consignment shopping. There’s nothing like finding a great deal on quality clothing. Over the years I have found tons of great pieces from a vintage dress (late 50s or early 60s) to designer jeans to fab Club Monaco pieces, with the tags still on them (I love Club Monaco but it’s pricey so I usually can’t buy more than 2 pieces new when I go). Last summer I got two amazing Club Monaco dresses for about $50 each…one still had its tags and it was regular $250! Overall I probably buy about 30% of my wardrobe at a thrift or consignment store, I’d buy more but I’m pretty small so I have a bit of a hard time finding my size. Don’t be afraid of a tailor though! All of my pants and most dresses/skirts get taken to the tailor. It’s all about proportion, a full skirt can overwhelm a petite frame so I often need them slightly shortened. Here are my favourite consignment stores in Alberta, there are more, but these are the ones I have the most success with!

1. My Favourite Aunts. This one is also attached to a kids consignment store called Kid’s Stuff Etc. This is a great store. You will find mostly mid-priced brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Club Monaco etc…Great for work clothes! What I like about this store is that everything is organized by colour, makes scanning easier.

Relevant Info: 5212 86 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 5J6 (780) 468-5299

2. Vespucci.For me this is a hit or miss store, I either score big or find nothing at all. The thing with thrifting is that you have to be patient. You won’t find something every time that you go. My last visit was a huge success. I found a cream, silk shirt from Jacob, a sparkly Vero Moda tank, turquoise earrings, and an absolutely fabulous wool/cashmere blend long, grey coat from United Colors of Benton (originally it prob. cost around $600!!). I got all of this stuff for under $200. Can’t beat that, everything was in pristine condition. I love the thrill of a great buy. Vespucci has a wide range of brands from Coach and Louis Vuitton to Vero Moda and Lululemon.

Relevant Info: Located on High Street. 5212 86 Street NW Edmonton, AB
T6E 5J6 (780) 468-5299

3. Danielles Consignment Boutique. This is my absolute favourite consignment store. Honestly, I go down to Calgary just to shop here sometimes. Danielles carries a wide range of brands and price points and everything is in fab condition. They have everything from Chanel purses and sunglasses to BCBG, designer denim, Club Monaco, Gucci, Marc Jacobs etc. I love, love, love this store. Highly recommend (just not if you’re my size :P).

Relevant Info: 105-908 17 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2T 0A3
(403) 244-4752


2 thoughts on “Cast-off or treasure?

  1. Great post! I ADORE consignment and second-hand. My favourites in Edmonton are Red Pony Consignment on Whyte Ave (formerly Robes and Relics) and I’m also a frequent customer at Divine and Decadence.

    Glad I found your blog, and thanks so much for including me in your blog roll. There’s nothing better than seeing that!

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