How to: Dress for work when you’re sick

How to: Dress for work when you're sick

So, today’s post is inspired by the way I’m feeling. I’ve got a horrible cold and feel like crap, but of course it’s a crazy busy week at work and short of being in the hospital dying, I just can’t take a sick day. So despite wanting to wear sweatpants and veg all day in bed I had to get up and attempt to look half-way presentable. Being sick gives you enough to contend with in the looks department, so there’s no point dressing like you’re sick to top it off. It is possible to look professional and presentable while being comfortable at the office. The first thing to go for me? Heels, there is no way your are going to get me in heels when I’m feeling sick, so invest in a cute pair of flats that look good and feel even better. The next thing is to pick a comfy sweater. When I’m sick I have a hard enough time breathing, so a light, warm, slightly loose-fitting one is my top choice. If you can afford it go for a fabric like cashmere, which is lightweight but oh so cozy and warm, just what the doctor ordered! To finish the outfit off, throw on one or two pieces of jewelry to look like you put some effort in and voila! You are comfy, cozy and work presentable…at least until 5:00 when you run back home to your comfy sweats and blankets! 

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