How to: Make an awesome Cucumber Gin Fizz

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m starting to crave my favourite summer cocktails. Gin & Tonic has always been one of my favourite go-to summer drinks (especially the Super Sonic Gin & Tonic at Joey’s). Last year however, I tried a Cucumber Gin Fizz and fell in love. Most recipes call for lime juice; personally, I think fresh lemon juice tastes the best. I also recommend using Hendricks gin, as it is infused with cucumber and really makes your drink top notch. So, here you go, if you love gin, you are sure to love this recipe!

Cucumber Gin Fizz

 – 3 cucumber slices (1/3 inch)
 – 2 oz gin (Hendricks)
 – 1 oz fresh- squeezed lemon juice
 – .5 oz Simple syrup (optional)

Muddle cucumber in bottom of shaker, add other ingredients and ice, shake and strain over ice and top with club soda. If you are serving to company, add a cucumber peel and sprig of rosemary or mint to garnish.