My favourite past Oscar’s gowns

It’s coming. The climactic finale to awards show season. The 84th Annual Academy Awards is this Sunday, and I can’t wait to see what everyone wears on the red carpet. Does anyone have any Oscar traditions they like to partake in? Do you host an Oscar party? For me, I like to live tweet and drink champagne while I watch. Social media and bubbly, can’t pick a better combo than that right! What I love about the Oscars is the formality. It’s not like the Grammy’s, or MTV Music Awards where people feel this inane need to dress over the top, wild and ridiculous. The Oscars are a classy, black tie affair and the dresses are often the kind of gowns you could only ever wear in your dreams, and a girl can dream. In preparation for Sunday’s television event I’ve decided to show you some of my all time favourite dresses from Oscar’s past. If I had to pick my absolute favourite I would have to say it would be Mila Kunis’s pale lilac and lace Elie Saab. Can you imagine a more ethereal, beautiful gown than that? If that were mine it would be the type of dress I constantly pulled out of my closet to retry on, over and over again. It was just that special to me. Here are some of the other gowns that have made me swoon in the past. Don’t forget to check back Monday, when I recap my NEW favourite gowns for this years’ festivities. Any predictions for bessed dressed?