Photo of the Day

It’s cold today. I think Mother Nature is laughing at us and thinking “Do you really think I’m going to let you off that easy?” I hate the cold. I want to feel a warm sea breeze messing up my hair and to lick the salty ocean off my lips. I want to be somewhere warm and sunny. I want to be in this photo; running up the dock, ready to do a cannon ball and splash as high as I can.

Dressing for Winter…The Office

Winter -- For the Office

Dressing for Edmonton’s winter is no easy feat, and while we have been blessed with warm weather for most of this winter, Mother Nature has decided to remind us of what January in Alberta is supposed to feel like for the next few weeks. So, today I will be posting three outfits for braving the cold this season. This first post is an office look, suitable for business or business casual dress codes, a closed toe shoe and longer wool coat are must-haves for my winter office ensembles.